Now I know for sure, I made an absolute “right decision” to register for Quattro University.  QuattroSpace 90 Day Challenge nailed it by giving all students opportunity to “practice what we learned” immediately.  I’m really loving this organization because of this.  As you know, in most cases, we go to a seminar or workshop to learn new things and get inspired.  But at the end of the day, most of the things don’t stick as our new & improved habits and don’t produce tangible results.  They simply become “good memory”.  Why?  Because most of us are not disciplined and do not alter our schedule to accomodate new way of doing things.

So….even through my schedule is packed with trips, events & to-dos, I declare to go for this “challenge”.   While at it, I like to go for the most “foreign” & “unfamiliar” territory for me….which is to create a “Legacy”.  My goal is to positively impact thousands and millions of childrens lives eventually.  During this 90-day period, I want to create a basic foundation that allows me to directly impact children in a tangible way.  I believe, by focusing on “Legacy”, it forces me to improve all other factors; Wealth, Wellness, and Leadership.  I will be reviewing all course materials, create plans & execute them to create tangible results during this 90-day period. 

In Las Vegas, NV

Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

I’m surrounded by happy, successful, inspirational, giving, extraordinary, supportive wonderful people.  I wanted to share some of the inspirational gifts they’ve shared with me here.  I’m getting coaching from Bob Proctor ( ) who I adore, I’m supported by Tilak ( ) , who is inspirational / spiritual leader with a powerful “gift” that probably not even one in a billions has, I’m working with a medical alert device inventor Tom Cataldo who founded Better Vision for Children (, I got to attend a university for entrepreneurs called Quattro ( that teaches Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy where I met great instructors like Gary De Rodriguez who teaches things like Conscious Commerce for the Enlightened Entrepreneurs, and the list of interesting people and things just goes on and on.  People I meet are totally cool, unique & wonderful.  I think I’m very lucky.

I have a white-color marketing consulting business called 360 View, Inc. ( and a blue-color diesel engine parts business called Internet Diesel, Inc. (  I get to experience the best of both worlds.  My life is just so interesting and truly a joy to be living.  Through my blog posts, I want to spread joy, happiness & inspirations to everyone.

Everyday, you can make a choice – life is good; life is a joy.

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360 VIEW Inc.

360 VIEW Inc.

This is my business / marketing consulting business and I renamed and re-branded it about 3 years ago.  Why?  I have a vision of creating a business that enables entrepreneurs to experience 360 degree of great view from the top; this implies “success”. 

Since then, Internet Diesel, Inc. was born utilizing strategies and resources available from 360 View, Inc.  Now, this baby is a million dollar company from zero customer and no name recognition to one of the biggest nation-wide suppliers of diesel engine kits in less than two years.  360 View is now incubating another company called which is a leveraged marketing portal for small business.

Creation is really fun.  The process of growing a business is challenging but very interesting.  You can say I’m a bit addicted to this.


Stacey O’byrne, a very close business associate, and now a close friend, convinced me to sign-up with this university.  As a matter of fact, she introduced me to Tilak as well.  In short, she hooked me up with tons of wonderful people and opportunities.  Thanks Stacey!  Stacey and Dave Arthur, her “closer than real brother” easy going fun loving entrepreneur are always hanging out together; working on several businesses and just having good time.

Dave is trying to get Stacey laugh and succeeded!!

Dave was trying to get Stacey to laugh and finally succeeded!!

I was first very skeptical about Quattro University.  But this university for entrepreneurs actually really rocks.  It is totally not like a MBA program.  Curriculum covers 4 different major categories (thus Quattro); Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy.  The idea is; we must cover all basis to live truly fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.  For example, how good is having millions in your bank while everyone hates you or you are physically sick?  Rather, why not leave a leagacy by creating a business that truly benefit others while making millions in the process & having a healthy body to enjoy everything fully?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I want to live my life fully not dictated by negative mind chatters.  I went ahead and registered for 2-year program; and it was much better than I anticipated.  Go to and check it out.  I will see you in next classes scheduled in Mid-December 2009.

In San Diego, CA

I actually don’t know how to explain Tilak.  I don’t think anyone can.  You must experience him.

Yuri, Tilak & Lauren

Yuri, Tilak & Lauren at Tilak's house in Las Vegas

He has a gift that probably nobody in billions has.  When he gently taps on your forehead, you see bright lights; and your soul “wakes up”, and start seeing and experiencing all positive things in life.  Go to and read about him.  But you cannot understand him until you experience the magical gift of Tilak.

In Las Vegas, NV

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