90-Day Challenge Day 30

About 3 years ago, I had a vision of creating a company that incubates companies.  I re-named and re-branded my company and called it 360 View, Inc.  Since then, I had an opportunity to start up a brand new company called Internet Diesel, Inc with two other partners from the diesel engine parts industry.  This summer, I’ve created a division under 360 View called mvTown.com with a partner.  I have not been able to launch this site yet, but I will not stress out over it.

Meanwhile, another opportunity knocked unexpectedly.  I’m in a process of creating another division with a partner that serves Health and Wellness industry.  This might take off faster than mvTown.com.

As mentioned couple of days earlier….you will get what you ask for.  Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes couple of years.  You never know but you will eventually get it.

Just a side note – a division is like a baby.  When it grows up and ready to be independent, it will live a separate life (and becomes a separate corporation).  A division has a separate Federal Tax ID (like a social security number), and in my view, it’s a great way to start something new and try it out (incubate) without a complexity and expense of corporation.


Resisting Change

90-Day Challenge Day 29

“People do not resist change, when it is their choice.  People resist being changed”.

Michael Basch


OK to be A Risk Taker

90-Day Challenge Day 28

I think I’m a risk taker.  Not that  I love taking risks.  I jump into something unknown fairly quickly….out of curiosity or because of my strong desire to “experience” something new.  Sometimes my decision comes too prematurely and I live through some painful consequences.  Sometimes outcome really sucks and I feel like a big failure.

Despite some painful experiences, I feel it’s better than not having an opportunity to “experience”.  I feel OK to make mistakes than not making mistakes at all.

After each iteration, a risk I take gets bigger…and degree of success (or failure) gets bigger accordingly.  I have been getting beaten up a little bit these days.  I hope the next game I’m playing will be a BIG win!  The good news is…you will win eventually if you are persistent!


90-Day Challenge – Day 27

I’m still in Florida…wait…I have not been back home for a while!!  For the past two weeks I’ve traveled to NJ/NY – NV – FL.  In October, I might be in Nashville and again in NV.  All of them are fun cities to visit.

On January 1, 2009, I wrote a “Letter of Accomplishment”; listing things I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and beyond.  Some of which I listed is “sort of” manifesting; such as “travel anywhere anytime spontenaously in luxury”.  I didn’t put down specifically “for pleasure” or “for business” and  that was probably a mistake….I must revised this and make it more specific.

So…this year’s spontaneous traveling has been mostly for business.  However, I have been able to get the “luxury” part done for the most part at no extra cost.  For example, in Vegas, I got a top floor suite at Wynn comped & I don’t even gamble.  I also got a top executive floor at Fairmont Dallas at no extra.  I’m now in Loews Portofino with a great view.  I was able to fly 1st class for some of the travel destinations also.  All of these in pretty much “standard / low $$ budget”; so it has been quite amazing.

Also, I put down…”I surround myself with successful people in every aspect of life”.  This is also happening. People I met in Quattro University are one great example.  As well, people in my Bob Proctor mastermind group, and people I accidentally met.    I’m definitely attracting great people in my life. 

There are other things on my letter of accomplishment manifesting slowly but surely.  Such as a custom home with an ocean view.  I can visualize it, and I know it’s coming my way!  🙂

Ask…and it shall be given you.


90-Day Challenge Day 26

I have never written so much on a consistent basis.  I’m so proud of my accomplishments so far.

I like to thank Quattro University for giving us; entrepreneurs – an opportunity to tackle challenges and grow.

On day 26 of the Quattro 90-Day challenge, I like to give myself & Quattro University a nice round of applause!

Thank you.  Thank you.


100 Challenges

90-Day Challenge – Day 25

It could be only 23 challenges when I actually count them but sometimes it feels like there are 50 or even 100 big and small challenges to tackle.  I’m sure almost everyone can relate to this especially when you are an entrepreneur.

Today, I had a breakthrough.  About 8 new challenges (on top of existing 100) surfaced in early hours of the day.  Couple of them were quite serious in nature. 

However, I was able to stay calm.  Not only that, I was actually excited about my opportunity to grow by tackling these challenges!!  In the past, I may have said “a challenge is an opportunity to grow”, but today, I welcomed the challenges with a smile.  And, I feel really good about this.

There is always a solution to any problem.  There is a way!  I can solve all of them!

“”Difficulties in life are intended to make us better not bitter.”
   –  Dan Reeves”


90-Day Challenge – Day 24

I have a company called Internet Diesel, Inc. with two other partners in addition to my core business 360 View, Inc..  Internet Diesel sells heavy duty diesel engine parts.  It is a young company; it’s been little over 2 years since we sold our first inframe kit back in September of 07.

While I was in Englishtown, NJ for the U.S. Diesel Truckin’ Nationals show over this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with very happy customers.  One of which actually won an award at the show with our signature Checker Flag Silver Series Turbo installed in his truck!

What a nice surprise!  It truly made my day.  Well worth flying all the way from the West; and even getting stuck at Philadelphia airport on the way back home (see the post on 9/21/09).


Only in America

90-Day Challenge – Day 23

I was born and raised in Japan.  A little bit of my history and background can be found here.

When I came to this country, I was first blown-away by HUGE watermelons.  Since then, this country continues to amaze me.

The latest amazement was at the Diesel Truckin’ Show in Raceway Park, NJ.  There were hundreds and thousands of Big Rigs, beautifully painted and with all kinds / colors of lights flashing, synchronized in so many different ways.  Some Rigs with Jet engines….zooming (or looks more like flying) at 200+mph with flaming fire.

There were more than 100K spectators at the show.  This happens only in America.  Where else?  And…here I am, blessed enough to have a business in this country and catering to this very interesting, All-American industry!  Thank you God for this opportunity!

Please enjoy some pictures I took at the show.


Affirmation to Self

90-Day Challenge – Day 22

Sometimes I write my affirmation on a big paper and hang it right in front of my desk.  Today, I’m looking at the following:

  • I have the power to make everyone successful.
  • Everything I touch will create wealth.
  • All my clients will be successful.
  • I surround myself with successful people.
  • I am powerful.

90-Day Challenge – Day 21

Today, I got stuck in Philadelphia Airport on route from Newark to LAX.

Our early morning flight was cancelled due to a mechanical problem.  There was no other direct flights to take from PHL since all others were overbooked / oversold throughout the day.  I attempted one available option –  to fly into LAX via Phoenix.  But after boarding, they found a mechanical problem.  As a result, I couldn’t leave PHL for the day.  This airline overbooked passengers from LAX coming into EWR, so this is probably their business strategy – possibly a survival strategy. 

While getting stuck at the airport and observing chaos throughout the day, I found this whole experience very interesting…

In this tough economic time, all of us are forced to evaluate options in order to stay afloat and / or to survive.   This airline made a certain choice and today I got to experience their choice first hand.  Will I fly again with this airline?  Probably not; unless there is no other choice.  Were they successful in collecting customer’s money upfront?  Yes.  110%.

A choice we make today, small or large – will have a lasting impact on our customers.  Let’s choose wisely today.

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