90-Day Challenge – Day 3

I’ve edited video messages from Tom Cataldo, who saved lives of thousands of people through his inventions; Medical Alert Device and Vision Screening Device for children to detect eye conditions that cause blindness or death.  He made millions of dollars and featured by dozens of magazines.  With his money, he founded Better Vision for Children Foundation 22 years ago.  The more I listen to his messages, the more I become inspired. Clearly, he has a passion for what he does and he is on a mission to prevent unnecessary blindness. With passion and mission, a Legacy gets created.

Video 1: Tom Cataldo talks about irreversible blindness that affects millions can be presented by getting a proper screening and addressing issues by age 4.

Video 2: Tom Cataldo talks about how & why he started Better Vision for Children Foundation. 

Today, I will be calling Lance Washington of KJLH Radio Station, which is owned by Stevie Wonder to discuss how we can raise awareness through their resources and contacts. Please go to www.YouTube.com/yuriimutalee to hear more messages from Tom Cataldo.