90-Day Challenge Day 61 / 90-Day Commitment Day 4

We are spiritual beings, and thus, we must acknowledge that our capabilities are limitless. 

Today, I feel it in my heart “Nothing is impossible” “Nothing is too good to be true”.


3 Divisions in 60 Days

90-Day Challenge Day 60 / 90-Day Commitment Day 3

Today, I rushed everything to get things done so I can be out of town for 10 days.  It is 60th day of 90 day challenge.  During this period, I created 3 divisions under 360 View; 1) Health & Wellness eCommerce, 2) Marketing & Distribution of Food products, and 3) Internet Marketing Franchise.  Today, I have submitted an application to lease an office for two of the divisions.  Close to 2000 sqft and has a very nice vibe.  I feel good about all of the divisions.  Now I will need to start making some money from these!


Breaking a Habit

90-Day Challenge Day 59 / 90-Day Commitment Day 2

It is hard to break a habit.  My commitment is to spend 30-60 minutes a day (ideally first thing in the morning – before start checking emails) for self-improvement.  This time, I will be focusing on Bob Proctor coaching program materials for 90 days.  On the 2nd day of this commitment, I found myself turning my laptop on first thing in the morning; automatically.  It was a struggle stopping me from checking emails.  With multiple of to-dos…anxiously waiting for me to complete, and my 1st appointment being 10am….and a lot of things rushing through my brains, I really had to work hard not to start “working” on daily activities.   But somehow I got through day 2.  Thank goodness!


Just for Fun, Dream Big

90-Day Challenge Day 58 / 90-Day Commitment Day 1

Sometimes I say things out of the blue – just for fun.  This weekend, my husband asked me a question related to money and out of nowhere I replied…. “Don’t worry! I will be Bill Gates!! :)”.  He blasted out laughing from my unexpected answer.  He loves it when I say something outrageous like that.  Since then, we have been carring out our conversation along the line and having fun with it for few days.

 “Maybe I can be Paul Allen, what do you think?”, and I would say…”I don’t think so… you will be Melinda”.  “When you become Bill Gates, do you think you can spend about $1B to buy me a NFL team?”, and I would say “Absolutely!! Which team are you thinking about?”, etc.  Our conversation has been going on like this, and it is so much fun.  What we are doing can be one of the FUN ways to manifest a dream.  I will keep you posted in few years!

BTW, I never had a clue he dreamed about owning a NFL team.  We have been married for 22 years and not a slightest idea.  Only when outrageous idea is thrown at us, interesting things start to surface!


90-Day Challenge Day 57 / 90-Day Commitment Day 0

I have not been following through & working on Bob Proctor suggested exercises.  Today, I’ve declared in front of my mastermind group that I will be working on Bob’s suggested exercises daily for 90 days starting tomorrow.  I asked them to make me accountable. 

I like off highway rather than on highway.  I like to do my own thing my way and resist changes.  However, to become as successful as Bob Proctor, I must diciplane myself and follow his winning suggestions.  Three things were suggested by my mastermind: 

  1. Put 90 days in my calendar as “must do” everyday.
  2. Do this BEFORE opening / answering emails.
  3. When I feel like resisting suggested daily activity or feeling lazy…ask  “Do I like my current state?”.

In addition, I will make myself accountable by posting whether I completed my activity or not here.


90-Day Challenge Day 56

This month, I created 2 divisions and in process of creating another one.  I was flipping pages of my “ACTION” notebook, which is filled with ideas, plans, and action items for each division.  Wow…I DO have a lot of stuff – a LOT of challenges to overcome and a LOT of opportunities too.

Then I suddenly realized at this very moment in time – globally, there are gazillions of things that are simultaneously happening, well beyond my stuff on paper, well beyond my imagination.  Things that are happening right now are real.  In this moment and in this space – so many possibilities and opportunity exist.

Isn’t that really cool?  Tonight, I will be consciously “retiring” on bed – thinking of tapping into this infinite possibilities.  🙂


90-Day Challenge Day 55

When making a major decision in my personal life, my intuitive faculty seems to work well automatically.  However, when it comes down to making a business decision, I have a tendency of listening to my “head” talking and not my “gut”.  I got burned many times in the past because of this. 

Today, I had a breakthrough.  I had to make a BIG business decision within short period of time.  My logical “head” was telling me what ever I was about to do is a sound business decision based on numbers.   But I was feeling “uncomfortable”.   I didn’t understand why.  So instead of declaring “YES – I will do this” immediately, I sat on it…slept on it….quietly thought about it and listened to my heart.

After closer look and reflection on my feeling, I realized I had a huge issue with one of the arrangements.  It was against my core belief / core values.  I was so HAPPY when I uncovered this.  This, to me is a true solid decision based on my core belief, not based on numbers.  I feel extremely good about my decision.


My Canada Connections

90-Day Challenge Day 54

I love this country (USA) for what it provides….”freedom”.  A true land of opportunity with freedom to create what I desire to create at ease!  Where else in the world can we find abundance of oppportunities that are available to everyone?   I feel VERY blessed to be in this country. 

As far as “unexpected” doors that opened up for me, Canada tops.  Besides its beauty, it has been my lucky charm over the years.  When we got married, we almost gave up on our honeymoon since we didn’t have money but Canada suddenly opened doors for us.  We were able to stay at Hotel Vancouver (at the time, part of Canadian Pacific hotels, now Fairmont) at amazing price with round trip air.  Since then, Canada has been our favorite travel destination AND we make sure we stay at one of the Fairmont hotels whenever we visit Canada for pleasure. 

Since then, I stumble upon an opportunity to buy my first business from a Canadian franchisor, WSI.  AND also stumble upon an opportunity to start an engine parts business with a Canada-born business partner.  These were totally unexpected pleasant surprises.

As for my favorite people I admire…..one of the top 3 is Canadian; Bob Proctor.  Other two are Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey.  As a matter of fact, my goal is to be like them; all combined!


Working on WSI Business

90-Day Challenge Day 53

WSI is an Internet Consulting franchise business that I purchased more than 6 years ago.  The WSI headquarters is in Toronto, Canada.  It is a wonderful franchise, and I love everything about it.  For the past three years or so, however, I have not been actively involved with this business.  The reason is simple – I found a joy of creating new businesses from “scratch”. 

Over the past couple of years, WSI re-branded / re-focused itself as a premere “Internet Marketing” franchiseand really stepped up to the plate by providing first-class & cost effective service offerings for small businesses.  I personally got huge benefits out of WSI’s service offerings as I grew my new business.  Thank you, WSI.

Other than for my personal business gain, I have not been leveraging from the WSI franchise business ownership – UNTIL, I went to this year’s WSI conference; Excellence & Innovation in late September, 2009.  I realized WSI made it very easy for franchise owner to offer Internet Marketing solutions and deliver them.  So…I’m back in the game.  I created a division called xPressWeb, and created a website  www.WSIxPressWeb.com, for this business.


90-Day Challenge Day 52

I consider myself very blessed.  I pretty much get what I want.  I’m usually super optimistic about future outcome and my perception of things that happen around me are positive.  I’m normally playful and enjoy my “ride”.  It was not so twenty years ago.  I think things were opposite.  I didn’t get what I wanted.  I had to work very hard for small results.  I was pretty pessimistic about future outcome and my perception of things that happen aruond me were negative for the most part.  I was normally “serious” and got upset easily. 

When you have a positive state of mind, positive things happen around you quickly & easily.  Today, I had a very inspiring, exciting & productive meeting about conscious commerce we get to build with few other people.  Things are happening quickly and I’m definitely attracting like-minded, forward thinking, intelligent & giving people.

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