Leaving BNI After Almost 5 Years

1 day before my birthday this year, something happened within me.  I actually tuned into & listened to my intuition.  Something was not right for a long time but I’ve avoided to face the issue.  

On January 15th, I came to a realization that I totally grew out of BNI & it was not serving me.  I didn’t want to face this realization because I had an emotional attachment to it. 

I am one of the original members who started a BNI chapter, Power Group 100, in Long Beach, CA.  It has been close to 5 years since we launched.  Last February, I’ve paid my 2-year membership dues so….I certainly planned to stay longer – THEN.

In reality my assigned category, Internet Marketing, was not a true representation of what I do or want to do.  I reality, my true aspiration is to perfect a way to incubate a successful business FASTER, CHEAPER, EASIER, with less probability of failure.  Unlimited possibilities with limited resources – from new concept to customer that turns into green – and that’s where my aspiration is.  Internet Marketing is just one of the tools to get there.   It is just a small piece of a success puzzle.  I totally grew out of it.

I’m a little bit short of getting a special 5-year member ribbon from BNI.  I will miss my ribbon (maybe not).  I will certainly miss seeing some wonderful chapter members on a weekly basis.  But…I need to be laser focused & get fully engaged in my game of 2010.  I’m curious to see if I can go from $0 to $1 million in revenues within 12-months for one of the businesses I incubate.  Can this happen?  The game is on.

I’m very grateful for the friendship & support I received from many of the current & former chapter members and I’m very grateful for my (almost) 5-year association with BNI.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Gracias mi amigos.  Wishing for success & happiness of everyone.


Every year, I write a letter of accomplishment for the year.  This way, I can crystallize my goals for the year and vision for beyond.  Every year, I can track my progress.  It is like a personal business plan.  It is written in detail…but here’s the digest.

My Legacy.  This section does not change much.  This section crystallizes my vision for life.  What do I really want to create?  What do I really want to accomplish?  What legacy do I want to leave behind?  I want to make a massive, positive impact to millions of people in this world.

Health.  My theme this year is “Forever 32”.

Wealth & Finance. Wipe out personal liabilities and create personal income of $100k/month.

Family.  TRAVEL together, grow together & experience many new things together.

Experience.  Travel anywhere, anytime with anyone.  Surround myself with inspirational, empowering, positive, successful & giving people.

Business Game.  Incubate a new business and achieve $0 to $1M in revenues within 12-month.

Happy New Year!


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