I beleve a Blog site can be a perfect website for small business.  I love WordPress since it is free, provides simple content editor, abundance of attractive & customizable templates and plug-in functionalities.  Templates can be easily customized.  There are many free plug-ins to make a site interesting and functional – easily – and all free.  What a deal!

Unless you don’t care about owning your content, I recommend you choose your hosting company and install WordPress from WordPress.org (not .com) on your hosting account.   Content is golden (your intellectual property); and you’d want to own it.  Even so.. the only expense you must have is annual hosting expense, which is nominal.

To make things easy & economical, I like to recommend HostGator.  Just choose the cheapest hosting plan (e.g., Hatching Plan which starts from $4.95/month) , and upgrade as needed.

HostGator makes it a snap to install WordPress & has excellent customer service.

How To Install WordPress using HostGator:

  • Once you log-in to the Cpanel, navigate to Software / Services section
  • Click on Fantastico De Luxe icon
  • Click on WordPress link from the left column
  • Click on New Installation hyperlink
  • Enter  basic information such as your domain name, admin log-in information, contact email etc.
  • Click on Install WordPress and choose your template – and that’s it.

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