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We were invited to a party call LIFE & we all said “YES!” to the invitation. So here we are… Together on this wonderful planet earth! Yeah, there are some annoying challenges but they are spices that make LIFE interesting. I choose to enjoy my party & get fascinated by people I meet, places I visit & opportunities I encounter!



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Hi there!  I’m Yuri.  Thanks for your time in getting to know me.

My family & friends

I was born and raised in Japan.  I came to the US when I was a teenager when my Dad suddenly decided to become a minister and left his prominent career as a University professor. My husband is Japan-born Korean who “feels” and speaks more like Japanese than I am.  My son is a happy-go-lucky laid back all American good-natured teenager.

My Mom, who lives with us is a very healthy, giving & vibrant Nagasaki bomb survivor.  My Dad, who passed away 10 years ago, served the Kennedy administration as a translator during the 60’s until assassination of JFK.  He was truly idealistic & had a passion to help others in need.  I have three younger sisters that are like angels and two “butterfly sisters” that are African-American beauties.  I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew; their bodies are filled with bundle of joy.  They call me “play auntie”, because I play with like them like a kid.  I sponsor two kids through WorldVision; one in Brazil and another in Africa.  I hope to support more kids.

In a nut-shell, that’s my family.  My extended “family” consists of wonderful friends & colleagues.  OMG – my world is filled with giving, inspirational, interesting, empowering, positive people.  People around me are truly my biggest assets & they make my life extraordinary.  I really love my life because of them.

A bit of history

When I came to the US, I knew how to say “Yes” and “No” & that was about it.  Thank goodness, my Dad was too busy teaching English to others but didn’t teach English to me!  It was truly a challenge in the beginning.  Back in Japan, we lived very comfortably.  We had a big house, big yard, and my Dad was well respected; apparently bringing plenty of income to support the family.

His decision to become a minister and move to the states changed all of that upside down.  In short period of time, I noticed we didn’t have money.  I remember looking at a $9.98 sweater in near by Woolworth; really wanted to have it but couldn’t ask – knowing my Mom couldn’t afford such luxury.

A Middle school in Daly City – close to my home then – kindly kicked me out on the 3rd day prompted by my “music” teacher’s complain; he didn’t want non-English speaking student in his class.  I commuted to a school far away in the inner-city where many students were ESL students.  Strangely, some of them constantly made fun of my accents; laughing out loud, stole my stuff, and gave me really hard time at school.  It was truly a dark period of my history.

Because of this experience, I was fearful of speaking & had a very low self-esteem for a LONG time.  Also…because of this, I do not have the WORD “discrimination” in my dictionary – PERIOD.  A person is a person is a person – regardless of color, origin, language, belief, etc.  I choose based on inner beauty of a person.

Another thing…because poverty was a very painful experience during my teenage years; I resented my Dad & didn’t support his cause UNTIL he passed away.  I was driven by money in my adult years.  I pledged myself I will never be poor and worked very hard to move up a corporate ladder.  I was in the Bay area on business when I received a call about my Dad’s passing.  I was making a six-figure income then & I thought I had it all figured out.

Passing of my Dad was a tragedy but also a blessing.  This event awakened me and triggered me to look at other aspects of life & purpose; not just for myself, not just money – bigger and beyond.  As much as I tried to resent my Dad & tried to eliminate idea of helping people in need (because look at what happened to him – he became poor!), I realized I was just like him; idealistic, passionate, fearless, optimistic, focused, with a strong desire to accomplish something in this world & be of service.

Helping Others Unconditionally = Poverty.  It took me a long time & effort to eliminate this equation out of my brain though.  Believe it or not – it was extremely FEARFUL to remove that equation out of my brain.

One big mistake my Dad made…he forgot about himself.  He was so consumed and focused on others and unconsciously placed himself as the least important person.  Hence, it was OK for him to be poor.  I know he now knows that was a big mistake.  I will do this differently in my own terms.  I’d be super wealthy and create massive, positive impact in this world.  That’s my calling & I feel that my Dad is supporting me.

I will have it all & I want everyone to have it all; live our lives to the fullest.

Besides…what a blessing to be in this great country of opportunity.  I have no execute but to do something BIG.  My vision is to be like the Niagara Falls; powerful, beautiful, inspiration & giving.  I now have two core businesses and my life is just so interesting & it is so much fun… not to mention challenges.  But that’s OK.  Some annoying challenges are opportunities in disguise.

Please explore my blog site where I share my thoughts, challenges & solutions – and growth.

Ever since I started my own business (now working on #3), I got to know people that are very interesting.  I’m surrounded by successful, inspirational, giving, extraordinary, & wonderful people.  I want to share some of the inspirational gifts they’ve shared with me on my blog.

Let’s spread joy, happiness & inspirations with everyone in this world.

Respectfully yours,

Kikuyo, Andrew, Yuri and Dan

Kikuyo, Andrew, Yuri and Dan

Yuri: Imuta | 伊牟田ゆり

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