Investigation of Successful Online Business – Day 3
90 Day Online Success Challenge

Any business needs a website.  Few years ago, I asked myself “How can I own a professional looking website for FREE?” After some investigation, I stumbled upon WordPress and never looked back.  WordPress is a web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog for FREE and easily.

Before you start building a web site…

You need a domain name and web-hosting, and there is a minor cost involved in this.  I use HostGator to host my website, since it was low-cost, reliable and allowed for WordPress content management system to seamlessly and easily installed on my hosting site after pushing couple of buttons.  I didn’t know how nor was I interested in dealing with seemingly complicated WordPress software download & installation that required some technical knowledge so I appreciated HostGator for automating WordPress software installation process.

How to Create a Professional Website in 10 Minutes

Once you install WordPress on your site, here is a comprehensive and helpful step by step guide to create a professional looking website in just about 10 Minutes using WordPress.  This 13 minute video shows you how. (Video credit: Charles Crawford).

Freedom At Last! Automate eMail Marketing Processes Means More Time To Enjoy & More Money

My vision is FREEDOM.  Freedom to do what I desire and when I desire.  In the meantime, I must earn enough income to support a family.  How can I free up more time and earn more money at the same time?  I’ve been pondering this question for a while.

You see…there is power in having a strong “desire”…if you ponder on something strong enough for a while, you will find answers.  I discovered several different things I can do; one of which I fond was a great little fun tool to automate marketing and support processes using emails.  Yes, I’ve done eMail marketing in the past, but this time…what I was looking for was automated processes to free up time.  So I was looking at things from different ANGLE. It’s quite interesting to realize…even if you are reviewing a same product, depending on HOW you look at things, the nature of which changes.  Do you know what I mean?

The tool I began to use is GetResponse.  This turned out to be surprisingly low-cost to implement with high return on my investment.  AND…I’m discovering this little system to be quite FUN to work with 🙂

I spend less time, less money and still be able to promptly respond to customers’ needs & increase sales!!!

GetResponse is a low-cost, feature-rich email marketing system, with easy-to-use, self-service applications that allows for sophisticated automated processes to free up your time once you set it up properly.  It is a perfect little “tool” with abundance of features to make any small business owners happy – in our opinion.  They have extensive VIDEO library to help you setup your ideal automated processes easily.

See the Video Tutorials: Discover the power and ease of GetResponse


Today, I wanted to address “D” words; Deception, Debt & whole bunch of other bad D words.

Many “inspired” entrepreneurs put smiles on their faces rain or shine; regardless of challenges & obstacles.  Why? because we know that challenges are opportunities in disguise.   Challenges make us grow.  Challenges are GOOD things.

However… when challenges happen one after another – non-stop for a while; don’t we get tired and say “common’, isn’t that enough already????” .  I was at that boiling point this morning.  I was screening inside my brains, Enough is Enough!!!!!!! (many exclamation points!).  Also…interestingly, when things happen in “sequence”, they have a common “theme”.  In my case, the theme was deception and debt this time.

Ever since around November of last year until now, I’ve experienced series of deceptions by people I trusted.  Some of  which created astronomical debt in short period of time.   Series of let downs, disappointments, disbelief, deceptions leading to debt (all with bad D words) were driving me crazy for the past few months.  Putting smile on my face was getting more and more challenging.

Couple of my weaknesses (and there are many…) are; a bit naive and trusting.  My “buddy” from Leadership Training warned me about this repeatedly – “You got to fix this or you will be burned!”; and he was right.  Well, it’s hard to change one’s nature. Also… apparently I DID ATTRACT some sharks in my life and I believe I HAD to experience this in sequence to cause enough PAINS – so I GET IT; “Watch out for the sharks!!”; learn how to protect yourself!!!  OK, OK – I got it.

In attempt to over come challenges and sudden hardship, I had no choice but to become extremely knowledgeable in the areas of Protection AND Debt elimination in VERY SHORT period of time.  With the knowledge I gained, I’m now on a much FASTER track to wealth.  Thanks to those who deceived and took advantage!  They are the true catalyst for change for better!

Today, I went to see Mary Lou Hunter, HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) in Seal Beach for a heavenly massage ; she is a dear friend and the best HHP I know and I will ever know.  She is a powerful energy worker too & can “read” & “shift” energies.  I normally do not ask for anything specific but today, I asked….”I’m experiencing series of deceptions and blockages, do you think you can help?”; She asked for a permission to “enter” into my energy space.  I actually don’t know what that really means…but whatever she did shifted everything for good!!!  I was feeling so BLESSED to have such a wonderful person like her in my life!

By the time the “energy” massage completed in about 60 minutes, I was saying farewell to deception and debt.  I won’t allow them to enter into my space.  I won’t change my true nature either.  I will continue to be generous in helping others AND BE SUCCESSFUL at the same time.  Yeah, I can have it all.

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I beleve a Blog site can be a perfect website for small business.  I love WordPress since it is free, provides simple content editor, abundance of attractive & customizable templates and plug-in functionalities.  Templates can be easily customized.  There are many free plug-ins to make a site interesting and functional – easily – and all free.  What a deal!

Unless you don’t care about owning your content, I recommend you choose your hosting company and install WordPress from (not .com) on your hosting account.   Content is golden (your intellectual property); and you’d want to own it.  Even so.. the only expense you must have is annual hosting expense, which is nominal.

To make things easy & economical, I like to recommend HostGator.  Just choose the cheapest hosting plan (e.g., Hatching Plan which starts from $4.95/month) , and upgrade as needed.

HostGator makes it a snap to install WordPress & has excellent customer service.

How To Install WordPress using HostGator:

  • Once you log-in to the Cpanel, navigate to Software / Services section
  • Click on Fantastico De Luxe icon
  • Click on WordPress link from the left column
  • Click on New Installation hyperlink
  • Enter  basic information such as your domain name, admin log-in information, contact email etc.
  • Click on Install WordPress and choose your template – and that’s it.

NEXT: Step by Step Guide to Create a Professional WordPress Website in 10 Minutes

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I’m sure everyone has their favorites… Here’s my likes & dislikes.  I’m open to your comments….

A lot of people use Network Solutions ( to register their domains.  They have been around for a long time & has a brand recognition; they are simply expensive.

A lot of people use to register their domains as well.  What I don’t like about them is they will “get you” with small fees here and there after the fact.  I hate it when that happens with any company.

Please note, I think either or (or both) locks domains so you cannot buy them elsewhere once they find out you are “interested” in buying them.  This happened to me couple of years ago. I’d use their domain name search tool with caution, just in case it is still happening.

A lot of people use GoDaddy for both domain registration and web hosting.  They’ve done a great job with marketing.  They are expert in upselling, so be careful not to over purchase.  Their domain name search tool does not lock up domains.    What I like about them is  they make blogging easy using WordPress Hosting!

Just a caution, Morgan Westerman, a well known Internet Marker’s blog site was once shut down by GoDaddy and he lost his entire content.

For domain registration, I like economical & simple 1and1.  The domains are one of the cheapest, and there is no extra charge for private registration.  They don’t try to upsell things like GoDaddy.  So I always get the job done fast, simple & cheap.  I register most of my domain names using 1and1 and have them point to my favorite web host (If blogging, I would have it point to HostGator).  The only draw back maybe… their bit confusing online help & support.

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What are the differences among domain name, website & web host?

Many people get confused.  These three are distinctively different.  I always explain as follows…. Imagine your home….Website is your virtual home.

  • Your Home Address: is equivalent to Your Domain Name
  • Your House: is equivalent to Your Website
  • Land that your House resides on: is equivalent to Your Web Host Space
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90-Day Challenge Day 89 / 90-Day Commitment Day 33

1. Create Explosive Business Growth

The world renown transformational leadership coach and energy master, Tilak, provides workshops & private sessions for entrepreneurs.  Tilak is known to help create a space for the right opportunities to flow in without interference.  For many successful entrepreneurs, working with Tilak has been their best kept secret.  The workshop will cover: 
  • How to activate The Law of Attraction and manifest business goals
  • How to identify new revenue streams and expand your business for 2010
  • Learn how to think clearly and have laser sharp focus in achieving success 
Date: December 5, 2009
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Location: Wynn Resort, Las Vegas
Meeting Room: Petrus 2
Workshop Fee: $70 (RSVP Required)
Private Session: $200 for the workshop participants (Normally $300) Dec 5 & 6th
Contact Barbara 702-823-1762 for more information & to schedule a private session.


2. Build Wealth in 2010 – Learn From Multimillionaire Instructors

Quattro University was built for entrepreneurs and supported by multimillionaire faculty and instructors.  The curriculum is designed to go beyond the subject of making, mastering and multiplying money; ensuring students are at the top of the game in every aspect of life; Wealth, Wellness, Leadership & Legacy.

2009 Winter session
Date: December 13-18, 2009
Location: 8757 Rio San Diego Dr. San Diego, CA
Enrollment ends: December 12, 2009
Spring Session: March 2010 (Tuition increase is expected in Jan.  Register Early.)
Contact Yuri Lee 562-547-3434 about the curriculum, tuition, & financing options.


3. Overcome Financial Challenges in 2010

Are you challenged?  2009 was an extremely challenging year for business.  In 2009, SWAT Team 360 has helped few financially challenged but prominent corporations without charging for consulting fees.  Let us brainstorm and see if we can come up with a possible solution.  We are committed to help you succeed in business & beyond.  


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Stacey O’byrne, a very close business associate, and now a close friend, convinced me to sign-up with this university.  As a matter of fact, she introduced me to Tilak as well.  In short, she hooked me up with tons of wonderful people and opportunities.  Thanks Stacey!  Stacey and Dave Arthur, her “closer than real brother” easy going fun loving entrepreneur are always hanging out together; working on several businesses and just having good time.

Dave is trying to get Stacey laugh and succeeded!!

Dave was trying to get Stacey to laugh and finally succeeded!!

I was first very skeptical about Quattro University.  But this university for entrepreneurs actually really rocks.  It is totally not like a MBA program.  Curriculum covers 4 different major categories (thus Quattro); Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy.  The idea is; we must cover all basis to live truly fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.  For example, how good is having millions in your bank while everyone hates you or you are physically sick?  Rather, why not leave a leagacy by creating a business that truly benefit others while making millions in the process & having a healthy body to enjoy everything fully?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I want to live my life fully not dictated by negative mind chatters.  I went ahead and registered for 2-year program; and it was much better than I anticipated.  Go to and check it out.  I will see you in next classes scheduled in Mid-December 2009.

In San Diego, CA

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