Authors Esther and Jerry Hicks [The Teachings of Abraham]

The content of this book (CD comes with it) is cutting edge.

I have gazillion of books, participated in gazillion workshops (OK a bit exaggerated) , and spent a lot of money, time and effort in improving self, business, and outlook in life, etc.

But this is ONE little book and CD that accompany, which costs less than $20 manifested things I wanted in matter of days (less than 1 month to be exact).  Things I wanted / desired didn’t manifest this quickly with any other books/workshops, coaching programs etc. I think I spent tens and thousand of dollars over the past 2-3 years for all kinds of things.  EVERYTHING contributed to a certain degree and I do not regret any of the things I tried.  But this one little low cost book tops everything else in my opinion.  I have not read this book cover to cover.  Just first few pages had EVERYTHING I needed.  It is truly life changing.

Since then, I bought a lot of books/CDs from Esther and Jerry Hicks since then and gave them to my friends for the Holidays, Birthdays, and for no particular occasion.  Out of all books, The Astonishing Power of Emotions is still my favorite.  For those who listen to the accompanying CD over and over again and truly “get” the information presented on first few pages will start manifesting sooner rather than later (this is just based on my own experience and observation).

And yes….since we are all human, we all need to reinforce the information over and over again; otherwise we easily “forget”; divert away from true “self” / “being” and manifestation stops.

Leaving BNI After Almost 5 Years

1 day before my birthday this year, something happened within me.  I actually tuned into & listened to my intuition.  Something was not right for a long time but I’ve avoided to face the issue.  

On January 15th, I came to a realization that I totally grew out of BNI & it was not serving me.  I didn’t want to face this realization because I had an emotional attachment to it. 

I am one of the original members who started a BNI chapter, Power Group 100, in Long Beach, CA.  It has been close to 5 years since we launched.  Last February, I’ve paid my 2-year membership dues so….I certainly planned to stay longer – THEN.

In reality my assigned category, Internet Marketing, was not a true representation of what I do or want to do.  I reality, my true aspiration is to perfect a way to incubate a successful business FASTER, CHEAPER, EASIER, with less probability of failure.  Unlimited possibilities with limited resources – from new concept to customer that turns into green – and that’s where my aspiration is.  Internet Marketing is just one of the tools to get there.   It is just a small piece of a success puzzle.  I totally grew out of it.

I’m a little bit short of getting a special 5-year member ribbon from BNI.  I will miss my ribbon (maybe not).  I will certainly miss seeing some wonderful chapter members on a weekly basis.  But…I need to be laser focused & get fully engaged in my game of 2010.  I’m curious to see if I can go from $0 to $1 million in revenues within 12-months for one of the businesses I incubate.  Can this happen?  The game is on.

I’m very grateful for the friendship & support I received from many of the current & former chapter members and I’m very grateful for my (almost) 5-year association with BNI.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Gracias mi amigos.  Wishing for success & happiness of everyone.


Every year, I write a letter of accomplishment for the year.  This way, I can crystallize my goals for the year and vision for beyond.  Every year, I can track my progress.  It is like a personal business plan.  It is written in detail…but here’s the digest.

My Legacy.  This section does not change much.  This section crystallizes my vision for life.  What do I really want to create?  What do I really want to accomplish?  What legacy do I want to leave behind?  I want to make a massive, positive impact to millions of people in this world.

Health.  My theme this year is “Forever 32”.

Wealth & Finance. Wipe out personal liabilities and create personal income of $100k/month.

Family.  TRAVEL together, grow together & experience many new things together.

Experience.  Travel anywhere, anytime with anyone.  Surround myself with inspirational, empowering, positive, successful & giving people.

Business Game.  Incubate a new business and achieve $0 to $1M in revenues within 12-month.

Happy New Year!


90-Day Challenge Day 45

My best description of Tilak, is someone who can clean up accumulated dust around our souls.  He has a unique gift – power – energy – wisdom so one can be true to self and live a life with fascination.   It is very hard to describe Tilak and what he does.  One must “experience” him, and you still cannot describe him.  He currently lives in Las Vegas and sometimes  visits So Cal, such as this weekend.  He has students all over the world including some famous figures in entertainment & business.  I’m very lucky to know him.

I actually started this soul “cleaning” process about 3 years ago through Accelerated Trainings (Lifespring Trainings).  These trainings really helped me understand who I am, what I want and most importantly, feel comfortable about self.  There is always more….and thus the cleaning process continues.  I don’t think there is end to this.

Things Tilak says are very interesting.  Such as….Life is a party & you are invited…..meaning…”Have a Blast” while you are here.  So sometimes someone accidentally spills coffee on your white dress @ your party.  Would you want to ruin your party (it’s your choice)?  or…Do you still want to have a blast (it’s your choice)?  I choose to have a blast!

Through such wonderful experineces & things I learned from them, I’m starting to shine; and feel the shine.  I feel spectacular & wicked wonderful about self and things that are happening.  Life is a true fascination, and I wish to thank people around me for many blessings I received.


90-Day Challenge – Day 3

I’ve edited video messages from Tom Cataldo, who saved lives of thousands of people through his inventions; Medical Alert Device and Vision Screening Device for children to detect eye conditions that cause blindness or death.  He made millions of dollars and featured by dozens of magazines.  With his money, he founded Better Vision for Children Foundation 22 years ago.  The more I listen to his messages, the more I become inspired. Clearly, he has a passion for what he does and he is on a mission to prevent unnecessary blindness. With passion and mission, a Legacy gets created.

Video 1: Tom Cataldo talks about irreversible blindness that affects millions can be presented by getting a proper screening and addressing issues by age 4.

Video 2: Tom Cataldo talks about how & why he started Better Vision for Children Foundation. 

Today, I will be calling Lance Washington of KJLH Radio Station, which is owned by Stevie Wonder to discuss how we can raise awareness through their resources and contacts. Please go to to hear more messages from Tom Cataldo.

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90-Day Challenge – Day 1

Yuri, K Michael, Tom Cataldo

Yuri, K Michael, Tom Cataldo

My strategy for causing a major breakthrough and creating a big result is to learn from a mentor & really dive into the core to find out what works and expand upon it.  Today, I met with Tom Cataldo, the founder of Better Vision for Children who was visiting Long Beach from San Diego where he lives.  At age 90+, despite his own health issues, Tom passionately talks about 100% curable & preventable amblyopia (Lazy Eye) that can cause lifelong blindness of millions of children globally.  I happened to get involved with this organization as a volunteer about a month ago and I’m learning a lot from this very inspirational inventor / entrepreneur who is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary blindness that impacts millions.  I’ve asked for a permission to interview him and capture it on a Video today.  I will be using this video to increase awareness about the organization.  Please listen to his messages on my YouTube Channel and spread the awareness.

In honest truth; I have not reviewed course materials from Quattro University sessions thoroughly; even though there were tons of golden nuggests I can implement right away. Tomorrow, I will scheduled some time in my calendar to review and pick some items to implement to help through the process.

Back in Long Beach, CA

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Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

I’m surrounded by happy, successful, inspirational, giving, extraordinary, supportive wonderful people.  I wanted to share some of the inspirational gifts they’ve shared with me here.  I’m getting coaching from Bob Proctor ( ) who I adore, I’m supported by Tilak ( ) , who is inspirational / spiritual leader with a powerful “gift” that probably not even one in a billions has, I’m working with a medical alert device inventor Tom Cataldo who founded Better Vision for Children (, I got to attend a university for entrepreneurs called Quattro ( that teaches Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy where I met great instructors like Gary De Rodriguez who teaches things like Conscious Commerce for the Enlightened Entrepreneurs, and the list of interesting people and things just goes on and on.  People I meet are totally cool, unique & wonderful.  I think I’m very lucky.

I have a white-color marketing consulting business called 360 View, Inc. ( and a blue-color diesel engine parts business called Internet Diesel, Inc. (  I get to experience the best of both worlds.  My life is just so interesting and truly a joy to be living.  Through my blog posts, I want to spread joy, happiness & inspirations to everyone.

Everyday, you can make a choice – life is good; life is a joy.

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