Authors Esther and Jerry Hicks [The Teachings of Abraham]

The content of this book (CD comes with it) is cutting edge.

I have gazillion of books, participated in gazillion workshops (OK a bit exaggerated) , and spent a lot of money, time and effort in improving self, business, and outlook in life, etc.

But this is ONE little book and CD that accompany, which costs less than $20 manifested things I wanted in matter of days (less than 1 month to be exact).  Things I wanted / desired didn’t manifest this quickly with any other books/workshops, coaching programs etc. I think I spent tens and thousand of dollars over the past 2-3 years for all kinds of things.  EVERYTHING contributed to a certain degree and I do not regret any of the things I tried.  But this one little low cost book tops everything else in my opinion.  I have not read this book cover to cover.  Just first few pages had EVERYTHING I needed.  It is truly life changing.

Since then, I bought a lot of books/CDs from Esther and Jerry Hicks since then and gave them to my friends for the Holidays, Birthdays, and for no particular occasion.  Out of all books, The Astonishing Power of Emotions is still my favorite.  For those who listen to the accompanying CD over and over again and truly “get” the information presented on first few pages will start manifesting sooner rather than later (this is just based on my own experience and observation).

And yes….since we are all human, we all need to reinforce the information over and over again; otherwise we easily “forget”; divert away from true “self” / “being” and manifestation stops.

I’m not sure why I stumble into interesting things, people, opportunities…. I’m not specifically looking but I find them.  I’m sure I’m attracting them.  I must attract money along with it.  So I can take advantage of some of the opportunities that come along….so fast and so furious!

About three days ago, I imagined stacks of solid GOLD bars.  I was not planning to invest.  I was just thinking…GOLD must be a good investment.  And today, gold mine investment opportunity was entertained.  Gold mine?  I never thought about such a thing as an investment vehicle before.  Again, I was not looking and I didn’t ask.  I was just talking with Mario Vazquez, an owner of reputable investment company who I have been doing some business with.  Apparently, there are a lot of mines with gold, silver, copper & other previous stones in Mexico (and actually such mines are all over the world….but in this case, Mexico) that are being sold so cheap.  Of course, one must do a due diligence and check the density of gold (or other precious metals & stones) a mine consists of.  The registration, engineering study, evaluation & report can cost about a million or more, but a good mine can be valued at 8-9 digits.

Mario was also looking for an investor who can provide a short-term bridge-loan for movie production.  I believe his friend, Hector Cordoba is the executive producer of a block buster movie to-be.  I heard that couple of companies are offering investment of $65M in production cost, but before the big money comes, there are immediate expenses to handle.  I decided to connect Mario with my contacts; starting out with Tom Cataldo who knows a lot of interesting people such as Brett-Livingstone Strong, a famous artist who plans to build a huge bronze Statue of Freedom in Long Beach (that competes? with Status of Liberty in NY) and a movie producer who is trying to buy a lot in Rosarito Beach formerly used to film Titanic, etc.  Tom himself was quite famous as an inventor back in the 70s.

I’m interested to know what comes out of the whole thing!!  I’m glad to be a connector to bring people & opportunities together.

90-Day Challenge – Day 6

Stevie Wonder did a Public Service Announcement urging his KJLH radio station listeners to support Better Vision for Children Foundation.  Lance Washington, an Account Executive from the KJLH Radio Station forwarded the audio clip to me.  Today, I was in bed most of the time.  I’m really not feeling well physically but my spirit is still up!

Please listen and spread the awareness!!

Stevie Wonder's PSA on Better Vision for Children Fundation

Stevie Wonder's Public Service Announcement about Better Vision for Children Fundation


90-Day Challenge – Day 4

I started carrying my little video recorder everywhere now. I’m capturing video messages of some of the inspired local entrepreneurs.   While at it, I’m promoting them via YouTube and other channels. Please check out  I’m just doing this for fun and to help fellow small business owners in greater Long Beach area.

If you are inspired entrepreneur, have a passion for what you do and having fun with it, let’s get together and I will hook you up!  I normally suggest you deliver a message focusing on educating potential customers in sweat and short format; just be helpful & entertaining; be yourself.  What I ultimately want is to see if you can make an emotional connection with your customers using a video message.  All sponteneous & lots of fun.

Here’s one sample!! 


90-Day Challenge – Day 3

I’ve edited video messages from Tom Cataldo, who saved lives of thousands of people through his inventions; Medical Alert Device and Vision Screening Device for children to detect eye conditions that cause blindness or death.  He made millions of dollars and featured by dozens of magazines.  With his money, he founded Better Vision for Children Foundation 22 years ago.  The more I listen to his messages, the more I become inspired. Clearly, he has a passion for what he does and he is on a mission to prevent unnecessary blindness. With passion and mission, a Legacy gets created.

Video 1: Tom Cataldo talks about irreversible blindness that affects millions can be presented by getting a proper screening and addressing issues by age 4.

Video 2: Tom Cataldo talks about how & why he started Better Vision for Children Foundation. 

Today, I will be calling Lance Washington of KJLH Radio Station, which is owned by Stevie Wonder to discuss how we can raise awareness through their resources and contacts. Please go to to hear more messages from Tom Cataldo.

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90-Day Challenge – Day 1

Yuri, K Michael, Tom Cataldo

Yuri, K Michael, Tom Cataldo

My strategy for causing a major breakthrough and creating a big result is to learn from a mentor & really dive into the core to find out what works and expand upon it.  Today, I met with Tom Cataldo, the founder of Better Vision for Children who was visiting Long Beach from San Diego where he lives.  At age 90+, despite his own health issues, Tom passionately talks about 100% curable & preventable amblyopia (Lazy Eye) that can cause lifelong blindness of millions of children globally.  I happened to get involved with this organization as a volunteer about a month ago and I’m learning a lot from this very inspirational inventor / entrepreneur who is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary blindness that impacts millions.  I’ve asked for a permission to interview him and capture it on a Video today.  I will be using this video to increase awareness about the organization.  Please listen to his messages on my YouTube Channel and spread the awareness.

In honest truth; I have not reviewed course materials from Quattro University sessions thoroughly; even though there were tons of golden nuggests I can implement right away. Tomorrow, I will scheduled some time in my calendar to review and pick some items to implement to help through the process.

Back in Long Beach, CA

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Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

Yuri, Gary De Rodriguez and Stacey O'byrne

I’m surrounded by happy, successful, inspirational, giving, extraordinary, supportive wonderful people.  I wanted to share some of the inspirational gifts they’ve shared with me here.  I’m getting coaching from Bob Proctor ( ) who I adore, I’m supported by Tilak ( ) , who is inspirational / spiritual leader with a powerful “gift” that probably not even one in a billions has, I’m working with a medical alert device inventor Tom Cataldo who founded Better Vision for Children (, I got to attend a university for entrepreneurs called Quattro ( that teaches Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy where I met great instructors like Gary De Rodriguez who teaches things like Conscious Commerce for the Enlightened Entrepreneurs, and the list of interesting people and things just goes on and on.  People I meet are totally cool, unique & wonderful.  I think I’m very lucky.

I have a white-color marketing consulting business called 360 View, Inc. ( and a blue-color diesel engine parts business called Internet Diesel, Inc. (  I get to experience the best of both worlds.  My life is just so interesting and truly a joy to be living.  Through my blog posts, I want to spread joy, happiness & inspirations to everyone.

Everyday, you can make a choice – life is good; life is a joy.

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Stacey O’byrne, a very close business associate, and now a close friend, convinced me to sign-up with this university.  As a matter of fact, she introduced me to Tilak as well.  In short, she hooked me up with tons of wonderful people and opportunities.  Thanks Stacey!  Stacey and Dave Arthur, her “closer than real brother” easy going fun loving entrepreneur are always hanging out together; working on several businesses and just having good time.

Dave is trying to get Stacey laugh and succeeded!!

Dave was trying to get Stacey to laugh and finally succeeded!!

I was first very skeptical about Quattro University.  But this university for entrepreneurs actually really rocks.  It is totally not like a MBA program.  Curriculum covers 4 different major categories (thus Quattro); Wealth, Wellness, Leadership, and Legacy.  The idea is; we must cover all basis to live truly fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.  For example, how good is having millions in your bank while everyone hates you or you are physically sick?  Rather, why not leave a leagacy by creating a business that truly benefit others while making millions in the process & having a healthy body to enjoy everything fully?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I want to live my life fully not dictated by negative mind chatters.  I went ahead and registered for 2-year program; and it was much better than I anticipated.  Go to and check it out.  I will see you in next classes scheduled in Mid-December 2009.

In San Diego, CA

I actually don’t know how to explain Tilak.  I don’t think anyone can.  You must experience him.

Yuri, Tilak & Lauren

Yuri, Tilak & Lauren at Tilak's house in Las Vegas

He has a gift that probably nobody in billions has.  When he gently taps on your forehead, you see bright lights; and your soul “wakes up”, and start seeing and experiencing all positive things in life.  Go to and read about him.  But you cannot understand him until you experience the magical gift of Tilak.

In Las Vegas, NV

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