90-Day Challenge Day 16

My personal observation of successful people:

  • “just do it” once he/she decides “it” produces a desired result at high probability
  • are prepared to fail numerous times
  • view failures as part of expected process
  • view failures as opportunity to learn & grow
  • proactively learn from others
  • know they will succeed

Meanwhile, many people:

  • do not “do” based on fear
  • do try to “justify” him/herself by coming up with a “reasonable” reason
  • I declare NOT to be one of many:

The fact that I failed 5 times means I am 5 steps closer to success!


90-Day Challenge – Day 15

Today, I’ve asked my mastermind group if anyone knows anyone who made millions in a very creative, out-of-the-box, un-traditional way.

I knew of a young entrepreneur who created a website called The Million Dollar Home page (www.milliondollarhomepage.com).  The idea was simple.  He created a web page with 1 million pixels and sold a pixel for $1…..and surprise surprise…the website became an instant phenomenon and all pixels were sold in about 6 months!

Another example shared by John Miles, a young entrepreneur in NC was, Stop Your Divorce eBook (www.stopyourdivorce.com).  Apparently, the writer of this eBook is making multi-million dollars every year from this one simple ebook.   As you know, once you create an ebook, there is not much overhead, it’s pretty much all profit.

You never know what sells.  You never know what creates a buzz.  This teaches us , 1) it pays off to think out side the box and 2) making $1M+ is not a stretch; anyone can achieve this.  The key is to believe we can.

Good luck to you all!


90-Day Challenge – Day 14

I have been a little bit frustrated for the past 3 days. I have been doing a lot of things, working hard to achieve my goal of $100K/month. I’m far from it.

I look up and there is a note posted in front of me which says….

The Law of Gender

Every seed has a gestation or incubation period. Ideas are spiritual seeds and will move into form or physical results. Your goals will manifest when the time is right. Know they will.


90-Day Challenge – Day 13

About two weeks go, I pampered myself in a salon that serves wine (and other beverages) while getting a haircut and/or pedicure/manicure. I captured this video when I got wash & wear haircut (for the 1st time) and pedicure/manicure (for the 1st time in my life!). In this video, I’m simply having a lot of fun & maybe a little too much wine. But there is a big lesson to be learned here as an entrepreneur.

Earl Nightingale said; the money you make is equal to the service you put out. In other words, if you are not happy with what you make, you must change / increase the service you provide to others. This is an equal and fair universe.

This fun haircut “experience” I had with a superb service with amazing result which didn’t even break my wallet…..was memorable. I’m very sure I want to repeat the experience and I will be spreading this experience to multiple other people. So that’s it. To succeed and make more, we; the service oriented entrepreneurs must be able to give superb service, amazing result, and great experience without breaking client’s wallet.

By the way, Aaron Haskell Buford, the hair stylist in this video is one of the best I experienced. My hair now looks GREAT without caring / styling my hair. How’s that possible? The guy is genius and yet so affordable; a hidden GEM in Long Beach.


90-Day Challenge – Day 12

I am getting ready to go to the Global Investors Meeting and will be observing the final presentations by entrepreneurs seeking for cash infusion from angel investors. Today is a match making day in business.

There will be half a dozen angel investors participating in today’s event. When opportunity is identified, they are ready to move their liquid cash; anything from six, seven figures. Investment in business is considered “high risk”, so they are looking for “high returns”. I’m sure most – if not all of them invest in other forms of investments; such as stocks / MF, real estate, etc.

Today, I hope to observe and learn – how some of “us” can move six and seven figure liquid cash without a blink.


90-Day Challenge – Day 11

I started the day with a prayer for those lost lives 8 years ago. We are still at war in various areas of this world – at this very moment in time, violence still continues. I wish & pray for peace and harmony.

Today was a day I volunteered for BVC as a business advisory board member. Several entrepreneurs came to us with plans to grow their businesses. All of them are inspired with their visions & looking for cash infusion from investors. Today’s objective was to point out areas in their business plans to refine so they can be ready for formal presentations in front of Global Investors Club members tomorrow.
I truly wish best of luck in their endeavors.


90-Day Challenge – Day 10

I’ve not fully recovered from the flu yet and I feel emotionally sluggish as well.  When you get sick, things are delayed and start to pile up.  Today, I couldn’t help but feeling a bit frustrated, knowing… frustration does not make my mind or body move or function any faster.

I must make a conscious choice to shift the way I think….

I look up and I see “7 Natural Laws of the Universe” I’ve posted on a wall while back.   One of the laws resonates with “where I am” today.

The Law of RhythmNature

The tide goes out…night follows day…good times – bad times.  When you are on a down swing, do not feel bad.  Know the swing will change and things will get better.  There are good times coming – think of them.

Yes, I’m part of the nature too and it is just so.  By observing nature, we gain profound intelligence.  Thank you for your teaching.


Meeting with KJLH Radio

90-Day Challenge – Day 9

I met Lance Washington, Account Executive with KJLH Radio for a meeting to discuss ways to raise awareness about Better Vision for Children Foundation yesterday.  He is a great guy, dedicated to help his clients with many creative ideas.  A key to success is to surround yourself with success people.  It is possible to make impossible possible when you work with 2 or 3 dedicated people.  I think we will have a long-term relationship going forward.  He mentioned that Lisa Nichols from The Secret is his friend; cool.

Thanks Lance, for spending some time with me on behalf on BVC.  I captured him on my video camera yesterday.  Hope he gets more visibility and business.


90-Day Challenge – Day 8

I must post this event since I’m the main coordinator for the 9/11 fundraiser in Long Beach.  Hope this raises awareness for BVC while helping entrepreneurs.  BTW, I’ve used Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to get the words out.  So far, it appears that LinkedIn has been most effective.

Here the Public Announcement:

Starts: Friday September 11, 2009, 09:00AM
Ends: Saturday September 12, 2009, 03:00PM
Event Type: Fundraiser
Location: The rooftop Solarium of the historic Lafayette Building
140 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802 US
Website: http://www.bvcfundraisers.org/
Intended For: Entrepreneurs looking for investors (cash infusion) or professional advice to start or grow a business.
Organization: The Better Vision for Children Foundation 501 (c) (3)

Do you have an idea for a product or service you’d like to get out on the market? Are you looking for investors or advisors to help start or grow your business?

If so, please go online at www.bvcfundraisers.com and register to make a presentation to our business advisor professionals. They will critique and advise you on bringing your idea or business plan to the next level. When your presentation is polished and ready, you will pitch your presentation to the investor members of the Global Investors Forum.

For this opportunity, BVC is asking for a tax deductible donation.

The ‘Better Vision for Children Foundation’ (BVC), is a 22 year old non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity (all volunteer organization), dedicated to the prevention of childhood blindness and death related to eye cancer. Its offshoot, the ‘Better Vision for Children Fundraisers’, will have a business forum in Long Beach to help entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses.

BVC is blessed in having among its volunteers several MBAs, IT specialists, attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals who can provide advice and information to aspiring future business owners.

Stevie Wonder recently became involved with BVC. Through his radio station, KJLH, Stevie has personally made a public announcement about the good works of Better Vision for Children. The organization is looking for sponsors for this event & tax deductible donations from the participants.

If you or a friend have a new business idea, or want to join the Global Investors Forum, please contact the volunteer coordinator for this event: Yuri Lee, CEO with 360 View, Inc. at ylee@360viewinc.com or Ken Griffin at kgriff@bvcfundraisers.org

Better Vision for Children Foundation
1954 Lieder Dr. San Diego, California 92154 Phone: 619-459-1100 www.bvcnow.org www.bvcfundraisers.com bvcnow@gmail.com

OK…I feel much better!  Thank you very much for your attention!


What is Success?

90-Day Challenge – Day 7

“Success is the  progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Earl Nightingale

This is a great definition of success.  So let’s think about this for a little bit.

  • Progressive – constantly moving in upward direction / making a progress
  • Realization – having awareness / making tangible results
  • Worthy – is idea worthy of me?  is it worth trading my life for it?
  • Ideal – an idea that I can fall in love with

Clearly, someone like Tom Cataldo is a very successful man based on this definition.  He clearly knows what “worthy ideal” is for him and making the “progressive realization”.

After giving some thoughts on this, I realized I have not clearly defined “worthy ideal” for my Legacy.  Without clear definition of  my “worthy ideal”, there is no “progressive realization”, since I don’t know where I suppose to be going as a final destination! 

To create my own legacy, I need to put some serious thoughts.  How “success” should look like for me?  What is my “worthy ideal”?  

I’m still sick and I’m still in bed.  I hope I will feel much better tomorrow.

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