Making a True Decision

90-Day Challenge Day 85 / 90-Day Commitment Day 29

I’m getting a coaching from Bob Proctor and I like to share what I learned.  I use 4-step process to make a decision.  With it, I can move forward FAST and create many tangible results in short period of time.  When you make a committed decision (see the definition below), your thought will start to operate in higher frequency, and in higher frequency, you can tap into knowledge necessary to acquire anything you desire.  The knowledge already exists the universe.
I use this Four-Step decision making process by asking:

  • Do I want to be, do or have this?
  • Will being, doing or having this move me in the direction of my goal?
  • Is being, doing or having this in harmony with God’s Laws or the Laws of the Universe?
  • Will being doing or having this violate the rights of others?

If the answer to the first three questions is YES, and the answer to the last question is NO, make the decision and get moving.
A true definition of Decision by Dr. Carole N. Hildebrand (it is long so I’ve shortened it):
“There is a corollary element that must go hand in hand with the decision….and that is commitment.  We use the term so loosely that it has come to describe our wishes, not our commitment.  Instead of making decisions, we state our preferences.  A true decision means you are committed to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.  Committed decisions show up in two places – your calendar and your checkbook.”


90-Day Challenge Day 84 / 90-Day Commitment Day 28

Yesterday was a day of separation from old & unnecessary and creation of something new & exciting.  Partnering & teaming with ethical & giving entrepreneurs is the key to true wealth.    As a matter of fact, truly wealthy people are actually giving.  When you are in scarcity, you would operate to “get” and “take” from others.  It is very liberating to separate myself from such environment.  I found myself  jumping up and down with joy since 1pm yesterday.  From 2pm yesterday, exciting new opportunity started caming my way.  This business relationship will allow me to achieve my goal faster; eliminate my liabilities and multiply my net income.

In the evening, another great new opportunity was identified.  It was available all this time, but I didn’t even bother to evaluate; until now.  Now, this opportunity will allow me to create massive income.

When you eliminate something you don’t need, it creates a space for something new.


Short and Sweet Battle

90-Day Challenge Day 83 / 90-Day Commitment Day 27

I can really write a book about my whole experience.  I think I will – next year.  Here’s what I wrote (partially) to my friend about the experience:

They came across really nasty today.
However, me and my attorney were both calm, focused and cool despite their hostility and accusations. Because of our calm posture, the meeting was done in 2 hours, and everything was settled. I’m actually very proud of myself – I didn’t allow them to get me emotionally involved & get upset despite of what they said or did.  I was just thinking about the best case for me.
I’m glad all possibilities were ironed out prior to the meeting.  I knew exactly what to do in any situation. I didn’t want to waste my breath on them, so I decided to walk when the right time came.

I’m really tired from this – but also very excited!  I did absolutely the right thing today, and I’m very happy about everything that was done today.  No regrets!


Prepare to Buy or Sell

90-Day Challenge Day 82 / 90-Day Commitment Day 26

Interesting experience awaits.  For the first time in my life, I get to either sell all my shares of a privately owned corporation or buy out all shares.  In marriage, this equates to “divorce”.  I came up with strategies for all possible scenarios.  I’m totally ready and detached to any specific outcome.  All I want is a clean separation!


90-Day Challenge Day 81 / 90-Day Commitment Day 25

Today was a very interesting day.  I invited few of my friends to Quattro’s Pivot Point, where Andi Burgis, a leadership coach was the guest speaker.  We’ve done some experiential exercises.  During one of the group excercises, I enrolled & influenced everyone in our group to make a cohesive group decision without worrying about the end result – as a result, our group actually changed the nature of  our exercise.  It was a very interesting experience.  Andi said something like “how you do something is how you do everything”.  I realized I can influence people but I must be careful not to lead them in wrong direction.


The Warrior

90-Day Challenge Day 80 / 90-Day Commitment Day 24

The word is “warrior”.  That’s who I chose to be today.  I have a smile on my face and I am getting ready to go on a battlefield.

When you are in business, many unexpected things happen.  Sometimes people will try to really screw you.  Couple of my good friends got really screwed by their business partners and I’ve observed their pains, agonies and challenges.  Especially this year, I’ve heard about some horror stories from entrepreneurs/friends.  Little did I know, I’d be experiencing something similar myself then.

What’s little bit different is…& funny thing is….this seems like a game, and I feel that I will come out a winner. 

Unfortunately, everyone is not friendly in the world of business.  There are some crooks out there and some even have charming personalities.   I have a high probability of meeting and working with people that are creative, respectable, ethical, smart and GIVING people but fractions do not fit in to this category.  Still….probability wise, I’m SUPER – REALLY blessed!!


Prosperity Law #4

90-Day Challenge Day 79 / 90-Day Commitment Day 23

“There is good in everything that happens to me from now on”.

When you choose to believe that everything always works out for the best, you will turn adversity into opportunity.  If you concentrate on the hidden good in tough situations, you will move through them quickly and receive unexpected blessings.

This is VERY true.


90-Day Challenge Day 78 / 90-Day Commitment Day 22

My friend’s business is totally challenged.  All stakeholders are against him, all investors backed out because of the current economic outlook, he only has few dollars in his pocket with considerable liabilities.  He is totally back against the wall.  I asked, “despite all these, do you still believe in what you do?”  and he replied… “I believe in what I do 1000% and I will figure out a way!”  with a smile on his face and amazing level of energy.  He is for real!

I’m certain he will come out extremely successful.  Why?  I think there are certain common characteristics in successful people, and he’s got it.

Napoleon said “Circumstances hell, I make them”.  He had a strong will and winning image of self.  With an emmence capacity for sustained concentration to win, you will win.  I believe that’s true and and what’s what will happen to him eventually!!  I really love helping out entrepreneurs like this!!


90-Day Challenge Day 77 / 90-Day Commitment Day 21

Today was another interesting day with real estate theme.  I was notified that there is a two-week delay in payout for my short-term RE investment.  Since I already allocated the return for another business investment, I have to somehow manage cashflow in very tight situation until the pay off.  I think everything will work out at the end…but sometimes I wish things are not so tight!!

BTW, the way they do RE investment is not traditional.  In concept, it makes sense, but I have not heard or seen anything like this before.  It involves working & negotiating mortgage principals & rates with banks.  But it is far more than that.  It is not like traditional loan modification service, etc.  Today, I decided to learn more about this in depth – so I made an appointment to visit them this week.

Later in the evening, I got a call from my colleague.  He too is involved with short-term buy-sell investments in hot real estate markets; Atlanta & Detroit.  A scheme he came up is very creative and interesting.  If all goes well, I do believe he can be making about $1M in 1 year with long-term asset appreciation of possibly $4M.  The initial out-of-pocket investment is almost zero.  So…I decided to meet and learn more about his RE real estate investment scheme as well.


15 More Days Until X Day

90-Day Challenge Day 76 / 90-Day Commitment Day 20

15 more days and the Quattro challenge ends.  In next 15 days, two major events will most likely complete; moving into a new location & officially start operating a new business AND completion of business purchase agreement & officially start operating an existing business concept under new management.  I’m very excited to get started with both.  Both can start on December 1st, and I’m super excited!

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