90-Day Challenge Day 75 / 90-Day Commitment Day 19

This is the perfect word to express my feeling right now.  WOW.  What is happening in my business life?  This year, I’ve accidentally and voluntarily helped (and continue to help) failing businesses turn around to recovery.  All of them were on or 1 step away from personal and/or business bankruptcies.  All of them have fantastic products and business concepts.  However, when 1 aspect of business fails and issues are NOT addressed quickly and effectively, everything else starts falling very quickly.  This year, I’ve seen some business nightmares.

What I learned from this experience is valuable – probably worth more than a million dollars.  Despite what happened and how bad the condition may be, there is always a solution – there is always a way.  This is what I learned.  It is very easy to say “no can do” but once you make a committed decision to solve a problem, you will.  In essence, when something similar happens in my business life, I already know what to do.  Besides, anything is possible.  There is always a solution.

Today, my intuition told me to connect with a business colleague in N. Cal.  He is a Silicon Valley genius.  I suspected he was in trouble.  Long story short, everything is back against the wall.  I asked him to be here in S. Cal ASAP to brainstorm.  Do I charge or make money from any of these stuff?  No. Not even a cent.  I just want to help & make sure GREAT ideas and GREAT concepts LIVE; not DIE – so millions of people will be positively impacted by these great products and services.  As a matter of fact, my goal is to turn all businesses that I personally get involved with…into  Conscious Commerce by altering the business DNA; designed to give in massive and positive way.  I made this decision.  And since then universe is responding.

I’m 100% certain that the universe is shifting so my goal can be achieved.  Amazing, unexpected and outrageous things that are happening right now prove it is so.

All I can say today is WOW.   I’m wildly stunned.


Buying a Business

90-Day Challenge Day 74 / 90-Day Commitment Day 18

Three days ago, I made a decision to buy a business.  And I’m moving quickly to proceed.  This came about suddenly and unexpectedly.  Things that are happening right now are truly amazing, outrageous, and wild things.  Looking at numbers, this truly make business sense.  I’m stretching myself to the max.  Interestingly, it is not fearful.  Negotiation started today, but one key principal didn’t come for our meeting, so we will resume on Monday.


90-Day Challenge Day 73 / 90-Day Commitment Day 17

I noticed I have been writing about “challenges” these days…..Simply put, I’m challenged in multiple different areas right now.  I cannot disclose some of the sensitive information to public space (on the Internet), but things that I’m faced with right now are truly interesting stuff.  9 out of 10 people who hears this would say; “sorry to hear this”.  The funny thing is – I’m clearly entertained by them.  In some occasions, I’m totally excited.  Maybe my perception is different.  I love challenges; I thrive in challenges; I am addicted to challenges.  To clarify, “challenges” that I’m referring to right here is related to things that stimulate my mind and intellect.  Not anything to do with physical labor, etc.  I hate this kind of challenge.  For example, I had to hire a personal trainer to lock myself in & give myself no other choice but to exercise.  Yikes!  (sorry, side tracked).

All obstacles are illusion – meaning…as a spiritual being, we can use our intellectual factors and tap into the universal knowledge base to resolve challenges and create any results we desire.  I actually believe in this theory (or could it be a universal law?)

Once I overcome the “illusion” that I’m faced with, I should probably write a book and publish in English & Japanese.  🙂


I Can – I Will

90-Day Challenge Day 72 / 90-Day Commitment Day 16

I love these 2 phrases.  I can & I will.  When I’m challenged, I’d ask myself; “Can I do this?”  When the answer is YES, then I’d ask myself “Am I willing to do this?”

Normally my answers are YES when things will move me to the direction of my goal.  I CAN and I WILL.  These two phrases have POWERFUL energy….and when I declare I can and I will, then it happens; it gets done!  Beautifully!


Economy Taking Its Toll?

90-Day Challenge Day 71 / 90-Day Commitment Day 15

I don’t have time to watch TV so I don’t catch the latest news.  Watching news especially nowadays is probably counter-productive and un-healthy for our minds anyway.

This year, many friends lost or about to lose their businesses; many lost jobs and cannot find jobs for months; and many lost or about to lose their homes.  For many, past couple of years have been very challenging.  It has been quite challenging for myself both personally and professionally as well. 

However, interesting phenomenon is that somehow WE all survive through all these challenges.  WE somehow overcome these challenges and become smarter & stronger.  WE the human are quite amazing (spiritual) being….!

Yes, I sometime wish great things happen easily & always.  But if things are so easy and great things happen often, we don’t get to exercise our creativity and experience the sensation from accomplishments.  So….today, I feel great knowing I’ve overcame so many challenges so far!!


90-Day Challenge Day 70 / 90-Day Commitment Day 14

Yesterday, I completed a new website for one of the divisions.  This site went live today.  It is an Internet Marketing franchise business with more than 2000 certified consultants globally.  I recently placed this division under 360 View, Inc, with two separate Federal Tax ID numbers.  This way, when I ever decide to graduate this division into a separate corporation or sell it, it will be easier to do so.  I will be looking for sales reps and business alliance partners to market services offered through this division.


90-Day Challenge Day 69 / 90-Day Commitment Day 13

My immediate goal is to have no credit card debt, net income of 100K+/month from multiple streams of income, 25M in retirement fund, 3.6M in liquid cash.  The goal is far from the current state but it is a doable goal.  Important thing is to keep aiming at the goal and make a progress everyday.  To achieve a big goal, willingness to take a big risk is required.  So, I have been stretching for the past few weeks.  Some of the things I’ve done so far are not comfortable. 

Today, I made a progress in 2 areas.  Opening of new bank accounts for 3 new divisions and completion of a new website for one of the divisions.  These 3 are simultaneously moving forward from concept to reality.  These are all seeds for concious commerce, designed to give & enhance lives; and profitable.  I’m very excited about all of them.


90-Day Challenge Day 68 / 90-Day Commitment Day 12

My goal is to have a healthy, energetic, fit and alert body.  During this 90-day period, I have been going to a gym twice a week when I’m not traveling.  For a person who hates excercises, it is a major accomplishment.  Because I need to diciplane myself (and it is very hard to do so – especially solo), I’ve hired a personal trainer.   I have not lost a pound.  But that’s not the point.  I can now visibly see that I have a leaner body and more energy.


90-Day Challenge Day 68 / 90-Day Commitment Day 11

My goal is to have a positive state of mind at any time; with no fear, no self-doubt, can do attitude, calm, confident, appreciation & gratitude always with anyone, and fascination.  As mentioned in last post, this requires repetitive affirmations and re-conditioning of mind.  This is probably the toughest one to deal with…but once you make a decision to discipline yourself, practice daily, and be conscious about your thoughts, you will begin to shift.  During this 90-day period, I have used several different methods to improve my state of mind.  It’s an on going and never ending process.  But one thing I clearly noticed is I can make calm and confident decisions even in seemingly chaotic situation.


90-Day Challenge Day 67 / 90-Day Commitment Day 10

In order to change one’s bad habit / old paradigm, it is important to re-program mind through repetition.  It has been 10 days since I started hand writing my goals / worthy ideal in present tense.

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