Crystallizing a Vision

90-Day Challenge Day 66 / 90-Day Commitment Day 9

It is 66th day of Quattro90-day challenge.  I am still in Vegas.  Today, I exercised in gym, relaxed in Spa, planned for specific activities to move forward with, and enjoy the show Le Reve at Wynn.  I’m not a gambler of casino games, but today, $20 turned in to $50, which was not a bad return on my fun investment.  Overall, it was a fun and productive day.

The biggest take away today was….in a relaxing & calm environment with clear mind, I was able to crystallize my vision for business.  This place (Wynn), has a great energy.  I’m glad I decided to stay extra night to clear my mind and think about the big picture and plan for details.


90-Day Challenge Day 65 / 90-Day Commitment Day 8

When things are not working the way we want, or we are not getting the results we desire, we try harder.  Sometimes, however, trying harder & harder & harder still does not allow us to achieve results we desire.   

What I’m finding recently is…when I get too serious or stressed out about why I’m not achieving the desired results, I most likely don’t get there or get there slower.  When I take a step back and observe the situation in calm manner, I’d get an inspiration for anternative ways. When you are calm and confident, the way to will be shown.  I’m really starting to like this calm & confident way of handling challenging situations.


What Happens in Vegas

90-Day Challenge Day 64 / 90-Day Commitment Day 7

This week, I’m in Vegas for business, personal development & relaxation.  I’m not a gambler who plays games in casinos.  I’m a gambler in business.  Not too long ago, I came to Vegas only when I had to (convention, etc.), but after I met Tilak, things changed.  I enjoy certain spots with great energy; like Wynn resort.  I’m enjoying a great night view of the strip & water shows at the Lake of Dreams from my room.  I dined at finest restaurants this week.  Oh…I can do this every day!

This year’s AAPEX/SEMA shows were special.  I was able to identify many opportunities.  Also, instead of getting overwhelmed or being unproductive, I got a lot of things done in short period of time.  My mind was clear and focused on end results.  I feel GREAT and Vegas is the right place to feel GREAT & opulent.


A Committed Decision

90-Day Challenge Day 63 / 90-Day Commitment Day 6

Dr. Carole N. Hildebrand states that we use the term decision so loosely that it has come to describe our wishes, or our “preferences” instead.  A true decision must be a committed decision.  It means cutting ourselves off from any other possibilities.

She also goes on to say “committed decisions show up in two places – your calendar and your checkbook”.  Wow – is this ever true?


Niagara Falls

90-Day Challenge Day 62 / 90-Day Commitment Day 5

Today was the day I’ve experienced the overflowing power, love, limitless abundance and generosity like Niagara Falls.  From this day and forward, the Falls will be my symbol / a visual representation of what I desire to create in future.


90-Day Challenge Day 61 / 90-Day Commitment Day 4

We are spiritual beings, and thus, we must acknowledge that our capabilities are limitless. 

Today, I feel it in my heart “Nothing is impossible” “Nothing is too good to be true”.


3 Divisions in 60 Days

90-Day Challenge Day 60 / 90-Day Commitment Day 3

Today, I rushed everything to get things done so I can be out of town for 10 days.  It is 60th day of 90 day challenge.  During this period, I created 3 divisions under 360 View; 1) Health & Wellness eCommerce, 2) Marketing & Distribution of Food products, and 3) Internet Marketing Franchise.  Today, I have submitted an application to lease an office for two of the divisions.  Close to 2000 sqft and has a very nice vibe.  I feel good about all of the divisions.  Now I will need to start making some money from these!


Breaking a Habit

90-Day Challenge Day 59 / 90-Day Commitment Day 2

It is hard to break a habit.  My commitment is to spend 30-60 minutes a day (ideally first thing in the morning – before start checking emails) for self-improvement.  This time, I will be focusing on Bob Proctor coaching program materials for 90 days.  On the 2nd day of this commitment, I found myself turning my laptop on first thing in the morning; automatically.  It was a struggle stopping me from checking emails.  With multiple of to-dos…anxiously waiting for me to complete, and my 1st appointment being 10am….and a lot of things rushing through my brains, I really had to work hard not to start “working” on daily activities.   But somehow I got through day 2.  Thank goodness!


Just for Fun, Dream Big

90-Day Challenge Day 58 / 90-Day Commitment Day 1

Sometimes I say things out of the blue – just for fun.  This weekend, my husband asked me a question related to money and out of nowhere I replied…. “Don’t worry! I will be Bill Gates!! :)”.  He blasted out laughing from my unexpected answer.  He loves it when I say something outrageous like that.  Since then, we have been carring out our conversation along the line and having fun with it for few days.

 “Maybe I can be Paul Allen, what do you think?”, and I would say…”I don’t think so… you will be Melinda”.  “When you become Bill Gates, do you think you can spend about $1B to buy me a NFL team?”, and I would say “Absolutely!! Which team are you thinking about?”, etc.  Our conversation has been going on like this, and it is so much fun.  What we are doing can be one of the FUN ways to manifest a dream.  I will keep you posted in few years!

BTW, I never had a clue he dreamed about owning a NFL team.  We have been married for 22 years and not a slightest idea.  Only when outrageous idea is thrown at us, interesting things start to surface!


90-Day Challenge Day 57 / 90-Day Commitment Day 0

I have not been following through & working on Bob Proctor suggested exercises.  Today, I’ve declared in front of my mastermind group that I will be working on Bob’s suggested exercises daily for 90 days starting tomorrow.  I asked them to make me accountable. 

I like off highway rather than on highway.  I like to do my own thing my way and resist changes.  However, to become as successful as Bob Proctor, I must diciplane myself and follow his winning suggestions.  Three things were suggested by my mastermind: 

  1. Put 90 days in my calendar as “must do” everyday.
  2. Do this BEFORE opening / answering emails.
  3. When I feel like resisting suggested daily activity or feeling lazy…ask  “Do I like my current state?”.

In addition, I will make myself accountable by posting whether I completed my activity or not here.

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