The quick answer is YES!

When the going gets really tough, one can always file for Bankruptcy (chapter 7, etc.), and eliminate debts legally and start “fresh”.

Is it possible to eliminate Debts legally without filing for bankruptcy?

The answer is YES…by disputing the debts administratively and legally.  A couple of people I personally know tried this and according to them, their credit card debts were eliminated in few months.  Read below for excerpt from an article.

How to Eliminate Credit Card DEBTS

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Now.


I know. It still sounds “too good to be true.”

But listen: The court case is U.S. vs. Throckmorton, 98 US 61, at pg. 98. You can look it up. In fact, here’s a link to help you… Click Here to read the case

And basically, the court said that “Fraud vitiates the most solemn Contracts, documents and even judgments.” The banks have been caught committing fraud by pretending something came out of their accounts when they issued the “credit”, when nothing at all came out of their accounts and they have zero money at risk. Therefore, YOU DON’T OWE IT!

You need to know that one point. (But NOBODY does! Because even the media refuses to “fink” on their banking friends!)

You merely fill out and send them these powerfully-worded documents, and SNAP!

They are legally OBLIGATED to erase your debt, as if it never happened.

Click here to read more.

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Call me crazy.  I may be extending myself too far & too thin.  Some may think I’m all over the place & will get nothing done.  But I disagree.  I have every intention to get everything done in a successful manner.

I’ve opened two new “divisions” under my corporation, 360 View, Inc. this year:

  • One is Sun Natural Foods.  It is a natural food wholesale distribution business.  Currently we distribute Tasty Eats Soy Jerky brand and looking into adding more product offerings.  My vision is to produce “Healthy & Tasty” foods, that’s natural, nutritional, innovative & transformational.  So what does it mean…???  I want to replace junk food with our products & restore health of millions.
  • Another is SunNutra, an eCommerce retail storefront that offers natural, innovative & transformational  Health & Wellness products.  My goal is to focus on solutions for Diabetes to start out with.  My vision is to educate consumers about natural & healthy alternatives to restore health.
  • There may be another one…that  focuses on helping people avoid foreclosures & restore financial health.  I think this is a necessity.  I cannot stand seeing so many sufferings.  In any case, one should probably invest in RE or do something related to Real Estate right now if time and/or money allows.
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