90-Day Challenge Day 89 / 90-Day Commitment Day 33

1. Create Explosive Business Growth

The world renown transformational leadership coach and energy master, Tilak, provides workshops & private sessions for entrepreneurs.  Tilak is known to help create a space for the right opportunities to flow in without interference.  For many successful entrepreneurs, working with Tilak has been their best kept secret.  The workshop will cover: 
  • How to activate The Law of Attraction and manifest business goals
  • How to identify new revenue streams and expand your business for 2010
  • Learn how to think clearly and have laser sharp focus in achieving success 
Date: December 5, 2009
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Location: Wynn Resort, Las Vegas
Meeting Room: Petrus 2
Workshop Fee: $70 (RSVP Required)
Private Session: $200 for the workshop participants (Normally $300) Dec 5 & 6th
Contact Barbara 702-823-1762 for more information & to schedule a private session.


2. Build Wealth in 2010 – Learn From Multimillionaire Instructors

Quattro University was built for entrepreneurs and supported by multimillionaire faculty and instructors.  The curriculum is designed to go beyond the subject of making, mastering and multiplying money; ensuring students are at the top of the game in every aspect of life; Wealth, Wellness, Leadership & Legacy.

2009 Winter session
Date: December 13-18, 2009
Location: 8757 Rio San Diego Dr. San Diego, CA
Enrollment ends: December 12, 2009
Spring Session: March 2010 (Tuition increase is expected in Jan.  Register Early.)
Contact Yuri Lee 562-547-3434 about the curriculum, tuition, & financing options.


3. Overcome Financial Challenges in 2010

Are you challenged?  2009 was an extremely challenging year for business.  In 2009, SWAT Team 360 has helped few financially challenged but prominent corporations without charging for consulting fees.  Let us brainstorm and see if we can come up with a possible solution.  We are committed to help you succeed in business & beyond.