Investigation of Successful Online Business – Day 3
90 Day Online Success Challenge

Any business needs a website.  Few years ago, I asked myself “How can I own a professional looking website for FREE?” After some investigation, I stumbled upon WordPress and never looked back.  WordPress is a web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog for FREE and easily.

Before you start building a web site…

You need a domain name and web-hosting, and there is a minor cost involved in this.  I use HostGator to host my website, since it was low-cost, reliable and allowed for WordPress content management system to seamlessly and easily installed on my hosting site after pushing couple of buttons.  I didn’t know how nor was I interested in dealing with seemingly complicated WordPress software download & installation that required some technical knowledge so I appreciated HostGator for automating WordPress software installation process.

How to Create a Professional Website in 10 Minutes

Once you install WordPress on your site, here is a comprehensive and helpful step by step guide to create a professional looking website in just about 10 Minutes using WordPress.  This 13 minute video shows you how. (Video credit: Charles Crawford).

Authors Esther and Jerry Hicks [The Teachings of Abraham]

The content of this book (CD comes with it) is cutting edge.

I have gazillion of books, participated in gazillion workshops (OK a bit exaggerated) , and spent a lot of money, time and effort in improving self, business, and outlook in life, etc.

But this is ONE little book and CD that accompany, which costs less than $20 manifested things I wanted in matter of days (less than 1 month to be exact).  Things I wanted / desired didn’t manifest this quickly with any other books/workshops, coaching programs etc. I think I spent tens and thousand of dollars over the past 2-3 years for all kinds of things.  EVERYTHING contributed to a certain degree and I do not regret any of the things I tried.  But this one little low cost book tops everything else in my opinion.  I have not read this book cover to cover.  Just first few pages had EVERYTHING I needed.  It is truly life changing.

Since then, I bought a lot of books/CDs from Esther and Jerry Hicks since then and gave them to my friends for the Holidays, Birthdays, and for no particular occasion.  Out of all books, The Astonishing Power of Emotions is still my favorite.  For those who listen to the accompanying CD over and over again and truly “get” the information presented on first few pages will start manifesting sooner rather than later (this is just based on my own experience and observation).

And yes….since we are all human, we all need to reinforce the information over and over again; otherwise we easily “forget”; divert away from true “self” / “being” and manifestation stops.

I beleve a Blog site can be a perfect website for small business.  I love WordPress since it is free, provides simple content editor, abundance of attractive & customizable templates and plug-in functionalities.  Templates can be easily customized.  There are many free plug-ins to make a site interesting and functional – easily – and all free.  What a deal!

Unless you don’t care about owning your content, I recommend you choose your hosting company and install WordPress from (not .com) on your hosting account.   Content is golden (your intellectual property); and you’d want to own it.  Even so.. the only expense you must have is annual hosting expense, which is nominal.

To make things easy & economical, I like to recommend HostGator.  Just choose the cheapest hosting plan (e.g., Hatching Plan which starts from $4.95/month) , and upgrade as needed.

HostGator makes it a snap to install WordPress & has excellent customer service.

How To Install WordPress using HostGator:

  • Once you log-in to the Cpanel, navigate to Software / Services section
  • Click on Fantastico De Luxe icon
  • Click on WordPress link from the left column
  • Click on New Installation hyperlink
  • Enter  basic information such as your domain name, admin log-in information, contact email etc.
  • Click on Install WordPress and choose your template – and that’s it.

NEXT: Step by Step Guide to Create a Professional WordPress Website in 10 Minutes

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I’m sure everyone has their favorites… Here’s my likes & dislikes.  I’m open to your comments….

A lot of people use Network Solutions ( to register their domains.  They have been around for a long time & has a brand recognition; they are simply expensive.

A lot of people use to register their domains as well.  What I don’t like about them is they will “get you” with small fees here and there after the fact.  I hate it when that happens with any company.

Please note, I think either or (or both) locks domains so you cannot buy them elsewhere once they find out you are “interested” in buying them.  This happened to me couple of years ago. I’d use their domain name search tool with caution, just in case it is still happening.

A lot of people use GoDaddy for both domain registration and web hosting.  They’ve done a great job with marketing.  They are expert in upselling, so be careful not to over purchase.  Their domain name search tool does not lock up domains.    What I like about them is  they make blogging easy using WordPress Hosting!

Just a caution, Morgan Westerman, a well known Internet Marker’s blog site was once shut down by GoDaddy and he lost his entire content.

For domain registration, I like economical & simple 1and1.  The domains are one of the cheapest, and there is no extra charge for private registration.  They don’t try to upsell things like GoDaddy.  So I always get the job done fast, simple & cheap.  I register most of my domain names using 1and1 and have them point to my favorite web host (If blogging, I would have it point to HostGator).  The only draw back maybe… their bit confusing online help & support.

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What are the differences among domain name, website & web host?

Many people get confused.  These three are distinctively different.  I always explain as follows…. Imagine your home….Website is your virtual home.

  • Your Home Address: is equivalent to Your Domain Name
  • Your House: is equivalent to Your Website
  • Land that your House resides on: is equivalent to Your Web Host Space
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